Ten personal facts about Nan

I love coincidences and do not really believe they are coincidences at all.

I make it a point to watch the sunrise and sunset. It reminds me of the natural rhythms of life and what is truly important.

I was born and raised in Chicago and love the city – Although I love adventure and I am always talking about moving some place different.

I was a professional photographer for many years. I have now given up my beloved Canon equipment and only use my IPhone. I am amazed and in awe by the technology.

I believe that we humans are complex, beautiful, and amazingly resilient and we are continuously trying to put ourselves and each other in boxes so that the world makes more sense — UGH!

I am unable(have no patience) to follow directions that have more than 3 steps. I used to think I should just try harder. Fortunately, with age comes self forgiveness and wisdom. Now I just laugh and ask for help as needed.

I like to collect quotes, illustrations and info-graphics; some are inspirational and some just make me laugh. Currently, my favorite is “Decide what it is that you want, write that shit down, make a fucking plan and work on it every single day.”

I love being a mom — what a gift.  I have been honored to raise my boys and I am incredibly proud of the men they have become. They have always been and continue to be my Buddha’s, my “thin place”.

My family calls me QFE —  Feel free to ask me what that means when we talk.

As a child I always wanted to be older. Now that I am older I see the flaw in that thinking. It is true what they say — it all goes by so fast. Now I find myself chanting this mantra often — be where my feet are!