What Clients Are Saying …

“I worked with Nan for almost a year, and she was great to work with. She helped me identify and clarify major goals for my career and life, and then she guided me through the process of attaining those goals. During our in person meetings and phone calls, her insight and perspective was always very helpful, as well as realistic. Between each session, she gave me concrete exercises to work on that really helped me move forward. After working with Nan, I feel more consciously aware of my decisions and actions, and I realize how they fit into the larger picture of my life and career. Also, I have gained a new perspective on my present career status, which will help to shape my approach going forward. Nan was wonderful to work with, and I can’t recommend her enough!”

Terry BartolottaAdjunct Music Lecturer at Harold Washington College


“Overwhelmed and discouraged by the challenges facing a lot of Millennial’s in today’s rough economic climate, I turned to Nan for help and guidance as I sought out my purpose in life and tried to make sense of the world around me. Right away, we dove into my core values and created a road map that aligned with those values. Thanks to Nan’s unique, out-of-the-box coaching style and unparalleled ability to dig deep, I have developed the tools I need to navigate my ‘quarter-life crisis’ and take steps towards living my best life — one empowering session at a time!”

Payal Patel – No Longer Overwhelmed Millennial!

“There are times in everyone’s life when a little fine tuning is needed. My search for a coach led me to Nan and during our year together she helped me set direction in both my professional and personal life. The work we did opened lines of thought and concepts I hadn’t considered. Through reading, pod casts, conversations, and visual imagery a clear view of the person I want to be began to emerge. I fully expect to continue to reach out to Nan as I progress on the path she and I unveiled together.”

Kerry Andreasen – Director, Ethics and Compliance at Baxter International Inc.

“I have known Nan for the last 5 or so years through a great friend of mine from college. She has taken the time to get to know me both personally and professionally and was one of the first people I thought of to reach out to during the initial stages of an intense job search. I consider myself a very organized and specific person but 1 conversation with Nan left me inspired, motivated, focused and even excited to march forward to what she had helped me identify I was looking for – and most importantly HOW I could get there. No matter how much you think you might know about yourself and what you want, I would encourage anyone to utilize Nan as an expert resource that can creatively bring clarity and simplicity to the sometimes stressful nature of work, relationships and life in general. I am very grateful for the help she provides and the contribution she made to a successful career and life transition!”

John Goik – Associate Director at AccuQuest Hearing Center

“From the start Nan provides a clarity about what coaching is and how the relationship can benefit her clients. I decided to work with her because I was confident that she would be able to help me with some work issues that kept me feeling like I was spinning my wheels. Each session Nan was prepared and able to bring back into focus what I wanted to accomplish. She was adept at helping me understand, accept and feel good about my own process so that I could commit to tasks that worked for me. She asked great questions allowing me to brainstorm new perspectives and possible action plans. This helped me get clear and I was then able to choose which was best to create the forward movement I was wanting. She held me accountable and I felt that she was always 100 % into the process and a great strategic partner.

Through her skill, talent and mastery as a coach Nan was also able to help me strip away the fear and anxiety and what started as a immovable force for me was soon transformed into a creative business solution. As a sole entrepreneur I have found that a coach can be an invaluable resource. I highly recommend Nan Watts.

Suzi Marks – Mindful Movement

“Nan provides the essential mix of counsel, support and motivation that are the hallmarks of a skilled and insightful coach. Our work together has helped me focus my goals, envision the growth of my practice and inspired me to take risks, push my limits and dream big. I highly recommend her services.”

Amina Dickerson – Dickerson Global Advisors/Philanthropic counsel, Leadership coaching, Non-Profit Services

“If you are looking for direction or just feel stuck, look no further. Nan will help you focus on identifying what you need, nurture your decisions and hold you accountable for following through. I highly recommend Nan for both personal and business coaching. She has great energy, listens, is not judgmental and you know that you can trust her.

Julia Redwine – Interior Design, Senior Living Design, Health Care Design, Corporate Design, Project Management