Coaching Services

Personal Development Coach, Life Coach

Enjoy! Explore! Enrich!

No matter what comes at you or how hard life seems it’s liberating to take charge of your life. You don’t have to settle for toxic friends, unfulfilling work, or the feeling you should be living in your greatness if only you knew what it was.

Whether you are temporarily adrift, sick of where you are, or aspiring to a more magnificent journey, the right personal coaching can free your spirit, uncover your courage, help you and create a life you’re proud to live.

Professional Development Coach

Greater Success, More Fulfillment, Renewed Passion for Work

If you’re an entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur or a busy professional grappling with a challenging career or difficult business environment, there is no reason to go it alone trying to navigate your path to success in a vacuum. With the right professional development coach, you can have an accountability partner, a motivator and a confidante to guide you through the inner and outer choices necessary to see and achieve your goals.

Whether you are going from good to great or blocked by fear and confusion,  you don’t have to be trapped by your current behaviors. You can decide how to craft your future. With a great professional coach, you can break free from self-imposed limits, and gain the confidence and self-assurance to reach new personal heights.

Family Coaching, Blended Family Coaching, Inter-generational Coaching

Restore Harmony, Return to Love, Plan a New Tomorrow

Have you launched your children and sent them through school only to have them return home and jobless? Did your plans for empty-nesting fly out the window?  Has your retirement been derailed because your parents are a second job? You may find yourself struggling to embrace your new reality or to help your family navigate through these difficult times.

With the right professional relationship coaching you can rebuild your relationships, communicate more honestly, and set the new boundaries necessary to reset your lives in a positive direction. We can help you bridge the generation gap, overcome the disappointment of a traditional path, and help you plan a new family strategy with restored vision, love and hope. You’ll feel more resonance, back in balance, and aligned with new purpose and possibilities.

Life Changes and Transition Coaching – For Recent College Graduates

Find Your Strengths, Own Your Path, Claim Your Independence

If you have just graduated college and worked hard to earn your degree, it’s probably come as an unwelcome shock to find out there are no jobs available in your field. You may be looking at your future with uncertainty or experiencing feelings of despair. Giving up is not an option, but changing your course is. With the right life coaching, we can envision your new future and restore your faith in yourself. It may not be the future you originally imagined but learning to adapt, discovering other talents and igniting new ambitions will empower you. There is an African proverb that says you need a dream for every finger on your hand. With a guiding life coach we’ll discover those new dreams and help you make them happen.

Stress Management & Coping Skills

Redirect Energy, Make Healthy Choices, Overcome Adversity

Stress management is not one size fits all. Each of us has our own way of coping. If your methods have literally driven you to drink, eat, fret, shop, hide, rage, or fall apart, your stress management skills need refreshing. With the right stress management coach, you can learn new coping skills that direct your energy toward solving your challenges.

In our work, we’ll create new habits, focus on positive outcomes and create a plan that moves you forward, onward, inward and upward.